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The Sunset Lamp™

The Sunset Lamp™

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Transform your own space

Are you tired of your dull room? No need to fret, the Sunset Lamp has got you covered. Just plug it in and witness how it transforms your space into something spectacular.


The App

Our smart app empowers you with complete control over your space, offering a myriad of lighting modes and millions of color options.


Relax yourself

Experience the serene and comforting atmosphere of a sunset, ideal for unwinding after a taxing day of school, work, or everyday life. Just switch it on and witness the rapid transformation of your room's ambiance.


How it works?

A sunset lamp works by using LED technology to replicate the warm hues and gradual dimming of a natural sunset. It typically features adjustable brightness and color settings, allowing you to customize the ambiance to mimic the soothing transition from day to night. When placed in a room, the lamp casts a gentle, golden glow that fills the space with a calming and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for unwinding at the end of the day.


What does it include?

Depends on what version you get. With the Sunset Lamp that includes the app, you get a remote, the app, and our fantastic Sunset Lamp. With the regular version you will get our Sunset lamp and the remote to access all of the wonderful colours that we offer.


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